Former LSU player Scott pleads not guilty

Charlotte Guedry

At the Ascension Parish Coutrhouse in Courtroom One this morning, former LSU running back Charles Scott pled not guilty to a charge of sexual battery.

Scott was originally accused of rape late last year, with the charge being dropped to sexual battery at a later date.

In November, Scott underwent DNA testing, with the rape charge being dropped to the lesser charge after the testing.

Scott's attorney Andre Gauthier believes that this raises questions regarding the credibility of the case.

"Charles submitted to a DNA swab, and the accuser submitted to a rape kit being done. After that, the charge was dropped to sexual battery. That raises a question, and obviously there's a problem."

Work now begins on the discovery phase and a trial date should be set soon. Gauthier will be spending that time trying to get some questions answered.

"Charles is an exemplary man," he said. "He's never had any trouble with the law. This whole thing doesn't make any sense. These are horrible charges to have against a man of his calibre at such a young age in his life. I am proud to be representing Charles, and I look forward to trying this case and seeing that he is exonerated."