Ten candidates picked for Planning and Zoning Committee positions

Charlotte Guedry

The Parish Council Personnel Committee met over two nights to interview candidates for the seven member Planning and Zoning Commission.

24 candidates were interviewed thoroughly by the five member committee.

The committee was asked to come up with ten candidates they felt could best take on the roles required to sit on the Planning and Zoning Committee. Those ten will be presented to the entire Parish Council during their February 7 meeting in Donaldsonville. At that time, the ten will become seven, and those seven will serve the parish as members of the new Planning and Zoning Committee.

The final ten are, in alphabetical order:

Morrie Bishop

Robert Burgess

Jackie Callender

Gasper Chifici

Roy Domangue

Dean Espisito

Paul Nizzo

Joshua Ory

Donald Songy

Josh Williams