My Shout: I'm not naive, just positive!

Charlotte Guedry
Charlotte Guedry is the Editor of the Gonzales Weekly Citizen.?You can reach her by emailing

I was sitting down to lunch with a friend recently when she said something I found rather strange. I believe it was meant as a compliment, but the tone with which she delivered her observation was a bit negative, and the comment left me feeling as though I had to defend myself.

“You always have to see the good in people,” she said. “I mean, like all the time!”

Of course, me being me, I felt the need to stand ever so highly perched on my soapbox and band about responses. “But people are intrinsically good,” I said, and “What’s wrong with seeing the positives in others,” I asked.

She sat there, just looking at me with a face that seemed to say, “Poor girl. Poor sweet, innocent child. Just you wait.”

Well, I’ve been thinking about that exchange for a while now, and the more I think about it, the more I stand by who I am.

I am completely aware that there is evil in this big ol’ world. I am completely aware that bad things befall even the greatest of men and women, and yes, I am completely aware that life is unfair. The bad guys win on occasion, while the good guys suffer. I’m not naive, nor am I stupid. I know what goes on. But, I also know something she doesn’t! I know that there’s more good to be found than she realizes.

I know that when help is needed, a majority of people will step up to the plate. I know that when tears are shed, shoulders are there for the saddest of people. I also know that people can change, and when the time is right, they often do.

I am what many people seem to think of as a very nice person. I am proud of that fact, but it hasn’t always been the case. I have hurt people in my life. I have lied. I have cheated. I have left scars that with time and with effort have been allowed to heal. I have been, and I hope you excuse the simplicity of the word, bad.

No, I’ve never killed anyone or caused injury, and my dear friend would probably point out, “See, what about them, there’s no good in people like that.” Well, to that I say, maybe not, but I at least have to be able to believe that somewhere deep within most people is a need to be better than they were the day before, because if I don’t, then what were all of my internal changes for?

You see, I’m no one special. I’m more like the average person that people pass day in and day out. And if I can do it, the gal who isn’t much to be reckoned with, then most everyone can.

Changing for the better is difficult. It takes energy and time and a willingness to realize you have faults that need to be addressed.?Change can be a slow process, and it can indeed be painful, but once you come out the other side, the rewards are endless. The journey then becomes priceless.

Until the day I die, there will be bad in this world, but I also know that until that day, I will continue to seek out the good, because it is there. Sometimes it just takes a little bit more digging and searching and looking before we find it. It is there though, more often than you think!

So call me whatever you will. I really don’t care. Unless of course you call me ignorant to all of the good that is around us 365 days of every single year.

Charlotte Guedry is the Editor of the Gonzales Weekly Citizen.?You can reach her by emailing