No increase for AEDC says Gonzales Council

Charlotte Guedry

Charlotte Guedry

The Weekly Citizen

To many, the main point on the agenda during Monday night’s Gonzales Council meeting  was the vote before members regarding the Ascension Economic Development Corporation.

In a prior meeting, Councilman John?Cagnolatti had requested that the city amend the current year’s budget by an increase of $25,000 for the organization, citing that the AEDC “is doing a lot to promote the growth of our area and entice people and businesses to move in.”

Unfortunately for the AEDC, when the vote came before the five council members, the move was defeated by a vote of 3 to 2.

Councilman Kenny Matassa felt that the timing was not right for any amendments to be made.

“A budget amendment is for an emergency, or for when something happens that is of the utmost importance for the city.?At this time, an increase for the AEDC just doesn’t fall under those categories,” he said.

Councilman?Terance Irvin agreed.

“We have always amended the budget for things that are urgent to the community, like utilities or capital outlay expenses,” he said. “There’s no urgency for this money.”

Councilman Kent Boudreaux felt that although the AEDC is a needed organization within the entire parish, an increase was not presently required.

“I am all for the AEDC,” he said. “The issue, though, is that we are trimming lean right now in many departments. Of course, we will happily look to an increase for next year's budget, but to change it halfway through the year just isn’t the right thing to do at this time.”

During the meeting, the Council also gave final authority on amending the wording of City Ordinance 2982. Section 19-36 will now take a closer look at parking within the city, and limit street parking to four hours.

“There are a some of businesses parking their cars on residential streets, and that’s annoying the people who live there, said City?Clerk Clay?Stafford.

In other business, the city agreed to a Special?Events Permit for a Fun?Walk hosted by the Tubular Sclerosis Society.

The walk, on?May 5, will see up to 100 people participate in a walk to raise awareness for the complex which is genetic, and can lead to a number of mental and physical disabilities.

Local resident Cole Stafford was also honored by Mayor Barney Arceneaux and the Council members. He was given a proclamation.?For a full story on this, turn to Page 1C in the Sports section of this week's Weekly Citizen.