Kidz Kove receives donation

Staff reports
Board members with Project Kidz Kove join with members of PotashCorp and others as they receive a $75,000 donation. The money will be used for the construction of the new, universally accessible park being planned in Gonzales.

During the recent Project Kidz Kove Chili Cook-Off, PotashCorp in Geismar, La., answered the call for sponsorships, donating $75,000 to bring the project budget to two-thirds of the goal of $750,000.

“It is a continuing goal of PotashCorp to be a responsible member of our communities. By supporting projects and initiatives that reflect the goals and values of our company, we strive to improve the quality of life in the areas where we work and live,” said Bryan Andries, General Manger of PotashCorp, Geismar Facility, and Mike Hebert, Manger Human Resources. The gentlemen were on hand at the Chili Cook-off to make the sponsorship contribution.

“This generous contribution facilitates an impressive rate of sponsorship that will move Project Kidz Kove’s dream of providing a play ground for the many special children in our area, closer to being a reality in 2012. Thank you PCS Nitrogen and all of the PKK sponsors for not only caring, but for taking action and helping to improve the quality of life for our area children,” stated Pam B. Cagnolatti, Project Kidz Kove Board of Directors, Secretary.

PotashCorp is the world’s largest fertilizer company by capacity, producing the three primary crop nutrients – potash (K), phosphate (P) and nitrogen (N). As the world’s leading potash producer, they are responsible for about 20 percent of global capacity. With operations and business interests in seven countries, PotashCorp is an international enterprise and a key player in meeting the growing challenge of feeding the world and believes in being a responsible member of our community.

Established in 2010, Project Kidz Kove is a not-for-profit organization in Ascension Parish, whose purpose is to raise funds to construct a playground for children of all abilities. The park will focus on equipment for children with physical or sensory developmental challenges, offering specialized equipment to facilitate their play experiences. Acreage for Kidz Kove Discovery Park was dedicated by the City of Gonzales, and once completed will be maintained by the City’s department of recreation.

Kidz Kove Discovery Park will be a universally accessible play space in central Gonzales.  Multi-sensory play equipment, including art panels, educational panels and quiet spaces for reflective play will be provided. The park will also have water misting palm trees and strengthening equipment, which encourage interactive play.  ADA and Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines will be strictly adhered to during the design and development of the playground.