Parish School Board responds to political survey

Staff reports
A recent survey distributed to some students at Galvez Middle School.

Recently, a poll was distributed to 7th grade Social Studies classes at Galvez Middle School. which caused a few concerns with some area parents. Wording of the survey came in to question.

Attached is a letter from the Ascension Parish School Board regrding the survey.

"On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, our seventh grade social studies classes participated in a survey. The survey contained information that cast one particular political party in a negative light. I want to assure you that this survey does not reflect the views of Galvez Middle School or the Ascension Parish School System. The purpose of the lesson was to provide students with the understanding of the purpose and function of political parties in American History. The survey used to characterize political parties, however, contained biased information. This type of lesson is not condoned by Galvez Middle School or the Ascension Parish School System. Measures have been and will continue to be taken to ensure that all future lessons contain a balanced approach when depicting political views."