Parish Presidency race riddled with bribery accusation, Goppelt refutes claim

Charlotte Guedry
Kathryn Goppelt has been accused of attempting to bribe fellow Ascension Parish President candidate Daniel Melancon. They et recently at Carlics in Gonzales, where the bribe is alleged to have taken place.

Sources have claimed that Kathryn Goppelt, a candidate for the Parish Presidency, has attempted to bribe fellow candidate Daniel Melancon.

Goppelt is accused of telling Melancon that she would pay back his $225 candidate filing fee in exchange for removing himself from the ticket. It is alleged that Melancon refused the offer.

The two met at CarliCo Cafe in Gonzales on September 9, after Goppelt allegedly invited Melancon to the meeting.

When speaking with Goppelt, she made it clear she was refuting the bribery claim.

"It's ridiculous," she said. "I had a very nice conversation when I met with Mr. Melancon, and I, in fact, wished him well in the race. Both Mr. Melancon and I are in the race for the same reason. We want the people of Ascension Parish to have a choice. I met with him and wanted to know why he was running, and as I said, I wished him well. I don't know why he's said this, but I will say that if you read the facts, that there is no doubt where this is all coming from. Even though I'm running for political office, I am not a political person. The facts speak for themselves. Again, reread the article and see where this is coming from."

When asked if the Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office would be investigating the matter, Sheriif Jeff Wiley said, "Presently there has been no complaint filed. I read the allegation story with interest and was taken aback by it. We will not be conducting an investigation unless the situation changes and we are asked to do so."

The Gonzles Weekly Citizen will keep you updated on this story as it unfolds.