LDWF cites Sorrento commercial alligator hunter

Staff reports

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Division agents cited a commercial alligator hunter for alleged alligator violations on Sept. 2 in Ascension Parish.

While patrolling the McElroy Swamp area, agents came into contact with Arnold Villeneurve, 65, of Sorrento. Agents found Villeneurve with two untagged alligators in his possession. After further investigation, agents revealed Villeneurve had seven more untagged previously caught alligators stored in a cooler located at his residence.

Agents issued Villeneurve citations for nine counts of failing to tag alligators upon harvest. Violation of this statue carries a fine of $450 to $950, up to 120 days in jail, or both plus court costs for each count and forfeiture of anything seized.

The nine alligators were seized along with 25 unused alligator tags that were assigned to Villeneurve. In addition to fines and penalties, Villeneurve may be subject to pay restitution for each of the alligators seized and the loss of future hunting privileges.

Agents involved in the case were Senior Agent Hal Bridges and Sgt. Todd Laviolette.