Local author hosts biscuit get together

Charlotte Guedry
Carlos and?Stephanie Braud begin to cut out their creations.

Local author Ed Braud, and his wife Audrey, hosted a demonstration on?Saturday morning where Dutch Oven biscuits were the theme of the day.

Ed showed couples the correct way to mix and to knead, with the ultimate ending being a chance to taste their own creations.

Couples in attendance were Floyd and Lucille Melancon, Carlos and Stephanie Braud, Ben and Jody Valentine, and my husband Lee and myself.

All were taught how to stack the charcoal under and over the iron pots to create an oven type effect.

“Outdoor cooking is so unique and important,” said Mr. Braud.

“And it sure can come in handy when it comes to hurricane season,” added Jody Valentine.

Some gentle ribbing ensued as the Braud and Melancon teams competed to create the perfect biscuit.

“Mine are going to be the best,” said  Floyd Melancon.

Ed Braud recently penned a book all about the history and tradition of outdoor, Dutch Oven cooking. The book was also published by the author.

If you’d like to pick up a copy, call Ed or Audrey on 644-4253 or 715-3635. The book,  “Black Iron and Cajun Spice” is $20.