What's going on here: Look at all the supplies

Charlotte Guedry
Volunteer Ascension Executive Director Sherry Denig and Central Middle School Principal Lynette Lacaze organize the donated supplies. 
Staff photo by Charlotte Guedry

Notebooks and pencils and highlighters, oh my! Readers and markers and erases, oh my! Scotch tape and  Elmer’s and crayons, oh my!

It was School Tools time in the parish recently, and residents certainly outdid themselves.

Items were donated and stored at Central Middle School, where Volunteer Ascension Executive Director Sherry?Denig, Principal Lynette Lacaze and Sheila Cantin with Fellowship Church sifted and sorted to get things organized.

Items will be arranged and put together in bundles for individual school students at schools throughout Ascension Parish.

Each year, the costs of supplies grow for the families in the area, and a number of needy children and their families struggle with the mounting costs.

By donating to the cause, each student can feel secure in the knowledge that they are prepared for the school year.

Giving back to the future leaders of the parish is important throughout the year, so next time you’re somewhere where school supplies abound, pick up some extra.

You’ll be amazed at what a pack of pencils can do.