New Orleans levee breach sites on National Register of Historic places

Staff reports will finally get its chance to justify listing two New Orleans levee breach sites to the National Register of Historic Places.

The flood protection group formed after Katrina will state its case at Capitol Park in Baton Rouge Thursday afternoon.

According to Jim Gabbert, historian with the DC National Register Office,’s nomination of the breach sites is ground-breaking.  “This (the catastrophe) is something that cannot be ignored,” he said.

The group has lined up an impressive show of support including Senator Mary Landrieu, Governor Bobby Jindal and Mayor Mitch Landrieu. must present a power point before the State Review Committee. Karen Anderson-Cordova, PhD, chief of the Environmental Review Section for the Georgia State Office of Historic Preservation has previewed power point and said she has never seen such a powerful presentation. will hold a press conference immediately after their presentation.

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