Donaldsonville High hires Troy Green as boys basketball coach

Allison B. Hudson
Troy Green, former White Castle and Southeastern Louisiana University player will take over as the new Heach Coach at Donaldsonville High School for the boys.

Donaldsonville High officials named Troy Green to replace Coach Greg Hill as the new boys basketball head coach.

Green has been in education for eight years, and has been coaching for ten.

Green said that he has studied the Tigers’ program and plans to bring new things to the program.

“I plan to raise the bar and hurdle the obstacles that have been a fixture in the program in recent years. I want to bring on higher levels of playoff success,” he said.

Green is a former player of White Castle High and Southeastern University. He has spent the last two years at Livonia High School and Lutcher High School before that.

He further states that is coaching goals for the boys are to place productive men into the community.  Another goal is to help bring the ever so elusive boys basketball state championship trophy to Donaldsonville High School.  

Being that Green has been teaching for a while, he not only focuses on coaching, but enforcing life skills as well.

“I will try to teach my players that being a good person and having character is the most important attribute.  Character takes you a long way in life.  Life lessons are the most obvious and important teaching tools if recognized,” said Green.

His inspiration comes from his parents, he said.

"I saw them sacrifice in order to provide for the family and teach life lessons," he said. "No matter the obstacle or task, they always persevered."

“My overall basketball philosophy consists of a team that has character and understands that the game of life is more important than the game of basketball. My teams play hard at all times and fight until the end whether winning or losing. Our team always outworks the other team. These same principles apply in the classroom,” he stated.