Local man, Ed Braud, pens book

Charlotte Guedry
Local author, Ed Braud, has penned a book all about Louisiana cooking and the tools used. The book, entitled, "Black Iron and Cajun Spice," is available to purchase by calling 644-4253 or 715-3635.

Local writer and former Jambalaya Festival cooking champion, Ed Braud, has recently written a book entitled, "Black Iron and Cajun Spice."

Braud's insightful look into the traditions and the history of the Dutch Oven tools used in the cooking of Louisiana fare, takes readers back in time, as they learn about the instruments used, as well as learning recipes and enjoying poetry about Cajun and Cowboy culture.

Over 40 photos are included in the book.

For more information, visit www.blackironandcajunspice.com

To order or purchase a copy of the book, call (225) 644-4253 or (225) 715-3635

Books are $20