Special Needs Spotlight: Matthew Neemo

Staff reports
Matthew Nemmo is looking forward to enjoying the quiet places that the Kidz Kove Park will offer.

Meet the Nemmo Family, Dad-Jimmy, Mom-Candace, and 13-year-old Matthew (AKA Nemmo). Nemmo has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and autism, a double whammy for his family. The cerebral palsy limits his physical abilities (balancing, walking and fine motor skills), although he gets around pretty good up and down the basketball court for APIL (Ascension Parish Inclusive League) games. His autism imposes difficulties in communication, along with cognitive deficits and lack of interest in a lot of child hood activities. Kidz Kove would provide a safe haven from the affects of both of these diseases…the ADA approved equipment along with the smooth surfaces would allow for safety and ease in walking while the multi-sensory play equipment and educational panels will offer him a place to experience a different aspect of childhood. Many children with autism are easily over stimulated and the park will offer quiet places for kids like Nemmo to decompress (or calm themselves) when this occurs. Nemmo’s love for music will appreciate the music panels located throughout the park. His parents will be glad to have a place they can go and have Nemmo play in a secure environment, as he requires constant supervision.

Nemmo is not only a special needs child, he is also soon to be an 8th grader at Prairieville Middle School. He enjoys music, computers, and “checking out” vehicles, and wants to be a bus driver, truck driver, and a fireman.

Kidz Kove Discovery Park will offer him a place to be a kid, and allow his parents to experience him in an environment that was developed for kids just like him.

Project Kidz Kove is making amazing leaps and bounds toward their goal of building an all accessible play ground in Gonzales. More than 20,000 children in Ascension and the surrounding parishes will benefit from this ADA approved play space. Not only for children with physical disabilities, this park covers it all, complete with educational panels and quiet areas for children that are easily over stimulated.

This spotlight proudly sponsored by Sherman Jackson, Gonzales Chief of Police

“Ascension Parish is a wonderful community. People thrive here, and for that we should be a very proud parish. To have a universally accessible park like Kidz Kove will now allow for every child to prosper and to feel safe. Having a childhood is such an important part of our lives. Enjoying that childhood is paramount to growth. The special needs children in?Ascension?Parish can now look forward to a childhood dedicated to making them shine.”

Sherman Jackson