What's going on here: Rotary gives back

Charlotte Guedry
East Ascension?Rotary Club President Gasper Chifici, Shirley Broussard, and District Governor Linwood Broussard.

The East Ascension Rotary Club recently held a food drive to collect goods to assist with the St. John’s Food Pantry.

Members were asked to bring in enough items to fill one shopping cart, but ended up over-filling two.

Randy Leblanc, a Rotary Club member, who is owner of LeBlanc’s Food Stores in the area, had pledged to match whatever the club managed to raise.

LeBlanc had been told to expect about one shopping cart’s worth, and when asked if he would still match the amount with a larger number, he said, “A deal’s a deal. I’m more than happy to match what has been collected.”

The drive coincided with a visit from the Rotary Club District Governor, Linwood Broussard, and his wife Shirley, who both were pleased with the amount raised.

“What  wonderful sight to see,” said Mr. Broussard.  “You all came together , and look at what you accomplished. This giving back spirit is what being a Rotarian is all about.”