Louisiana Legislature Loves LIFE Keeps Incentives Intact

Staff reports

With Louisiana’s 2011 Regular Legislative Session now ended and a budget balanced without any reductions to the current tax incentive programs, the State’s entertainment industry thanks the legislature for its express support and predicts another two to three years of steady if not rapid growth throughout Louisiana.

“States that lack Louisiana’s track record, infrastructure, determination, and holistic approach to growing a statewide entertainment industry have already begun to cut or curtail their incentive programs,” said Patrick Mulhearn, president of the Louisiana Industry for Film and Entertainment. “With another legislative session behind us, the certainty, stability, and unrivaled public support that Louisiana has demonstrated will not go unnoticed by investors and producers.

We thank our lawmakers and the Governor for their vision and continued support.”

House Resolution No. 71 by Rep. Arnold (D-Algiers) and Senate Resolution No.80 by Sen. Adley (R-Benton) both proclaimed June 7, 2011, as “Louisiana Industry for Film and Entertainment Day” in the state of Louisiana, noting that “the entertainment industry is helping to establish a new creative class of jobs and opportunity” and that the industry is “essential to the state’s economic growth and its continued economic development.”