Heavy equipment auction taking place in Gonzales

Charlotte Guedry

A heavy equipment auction put together by Ritchie Bros. Autioneers and Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux is currently going on in the city.

The event is taking place until around 2 p.m. today (Friday), on Hwy. 44, right before the interstate on the left-hand side travelling from Hwy. 30.

Alan McVicker, with Ritchie Bros, says they have "a little bit of everything. From Baha boats, barges, cranes, heavy equipment and construction equipment."

A contractor in New Orleans area recently completed a job, and contacted the auction company to sell the equipment for him. Ritchie brothers contacted Mayor Arceneaux, and after a deal was met, the company set up base for the day.

"We're loving being here in Gonzales," said McVicker. "A lot of locals have come out and are competing with the bidding that is going on internationally over the internet."

Ritchie Brothers expects the event to be a success, and plan on holding another auction in the Fall.

Residents interested in the equipment are urged to head out now, as they should be finishing up soon.