Reader remembers a Gonzales of times gone by

Joyce Babin - Gonzales

Just before reading the poignant article, “If I Only Knew Then,” by Charlotte Guedry in The Citizen, I had been to what we used to call the heart of Gonzales, the corner of Ascension and Burnside.

As I sat there waiting for the light to change, I could picture how those four corners looked when I was growing up. Landry’s garage was on the left, Billon’s Pharmacy was on the right, Ramirez’ soda fountain was across the street to the right, and yes, Town Tavern was on the other corner.

I was ten years old again and rounding the corner at Landry’s garage on my skates, when I was brought back to reality by the horn of the young man in back of me letting me know that we had a green light. And I thought, “If you only knew...”

Love all your articles...keep up the good work.