Brown announces candidacy for Louisiana State Senate District Two

Staff reports
Troy Brown

Business owner and community leader Troy Brown would like to formally announce his intent to run for the District 2 Louisiana State Senate seat. Brown feels his proven leadership abilities and dependability to the citizens of the River and Bayou Parishes is evidence that he is ready to take charge and fight for the concerns of district two. If elected, he offers the community “A local leader, fighting for local concerns.” 

 District two is one of the newly created majority-minority State Senate districts that encompass a portion of eight different parishes, including Ascension Brown feels that working with a staff of over 400 employees within the parishes has helped him to become well known throughout the community and prepared him for the tasks ahead. 

In 2007 Brown lost the District 58 State Representative race by 4 percent. Brown believes these results are evidence that he as well as the public believe he is prepared to take on a career in politics. Five of the eight parishes included in the 2007 State Representative race are included in the newly redistricted district two.

Brown said, “Having business offices in four of the parishes in district two allows me to work throughout this district every day. I feel a sense of responsibility to these communities and for that reason I am ready to stand up and fight for their concerns.”

Brown believes that he has a firm grasp on the priorities of the people within district two as well as the changes they would like to see made in our district. During the election process Brown looks forward to sharing his campaign platform on issues surrounding healthcare, education, coastal erosion, and also the promotion of jobs and job training. 

 Brown said, “Many corporations have long complained about the lack of a skilled workforce in Louisiana. First we must address this shortcoming in order to attract viable businesses to our area and keep them.”  

 Brown says he also plans to continue pushing for better benefits and pay for Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Emergency Personnel.