My Shout: Education should be as important

Charlotte Guedry
Charlotte Guedry

I recently attended the Gonzales Recreation Committee meeting, and something was said that didn’t surprise me, but did in fact, upset and worry me a bit.

Let me start out by saying that I have the utmost respect for the committee. They give up their time to ensure that our city can offer safe, clean environments for our kids to play. Notice I said play, as I’ll come back to that later.

My issue is not with the committee at all. There’s simply was the forum where I heard the news.

It came to my attention that there are children’s sports leagues in city where kids are practicing four nights a week, at least, in excess of two hours each practice. This practicing is taking place during the school year.

I have a big problem with this.

I know I have just made a few enemies out there with my written word, as sports does seem to hold a place of prestige within Ascension, but what about an education? You know, a real, honest, worked for, studied for education. That thing that gets us all jobs, and makes us the best we can be?

I know, I know, sports are important, and teach our children a number of skills. I am not, at all, disputing that, but I do worry about the emphasis we’re putting on sports.

When we look at the statistics of how many child or school aged athletes go on to have successful athletic careers, the numbers are slim.

When we look at the statistics of how many children go on to colleges, votech’s, or even successful jobs for themselves straight from schools, these numbers are much, much higher.

This should make it loud and clear that an education is more important than being able to tackle, spike, or score a goal.

Recently a report was unveiled stating that nationally, only 12 percent high school students could recognize a photograph of Abraham Lincoln. They all seem to know who Drew Brees or LeBron James are, though.

Am I really the only person this is a worry for?

Some of our children will be this parishes leaders in the future. We need them to be well-rounded. They need to be well read. They need to be able to present their thoughts well through both writing and speaking. Remembering when they threw a 75-yard touchdown pass back in the day really won’t be of much help to them then.

Please understand that I am not anti-sport. I love sports, but I think we should be a parish that turns out the best educated young male and female athletes we can. Let our athletes have the same access to academic scholarships as they do athletic ones. Let our athletes know that if an injury deems them unfit for competition, that they will succeed.

Our young men and women, boys and girls deserve the very best, and that should also include the emphasis that is placed on their studies.

I bet a lot of people would think it crazy if our kids were told to study for two hours a night 4 days a week.

Just something to think about.