BASF?present check to Project Kidz Kove

Staff reports
From left are Project Kidz Kove Board Members Jacob Waguespack, Gwen Molliere, BASF Geismar Site Manager and Senior Vice President Tom Yura, Board members Audrey Boudreaux, Erin Lanoux, Mark Boudreaux, Pam Cagnolatti, Krystal Swain, Stacey Bumpus, Jodi Loar, Stacey Parker and Mike Spillers.

Sheriff Jeff Wiley recently hosted a Project Kidz Kove Informational Social for members of industry in the community. After an informative presentation, Wiley went into detail about PKK and board members also answered attendees’ questions.

At the end of the social, BASF presented PKK board members with a check for $100,000. Through the generous donation, BASF was the first PKK Title Wave Sponsor. “There are many worth while organizations that need our help. Kidz Kove is special for many reasons. All you have to do is look into the eyes of the mom, dads and grandparents involved in Kids Kove to understand how important this project is,” said BASF Geismar Site Manager and Senior Vice President Tom Yura. “There is broad support for Kidz Kove. All aspects of our community are involved: city officials, parish officials, local businesses, parents, citizens and local industry. This project is our collective gift to the children of Ascension and the other area parishes.”

Stacey Parker, PKK Board Member says, “Those from our industry have continued to support this community for years. BASF has set the bar for others. We know we will be able to count on them until this park is finished, and the children with disabilities will be able to play just like typical children.”

Established in 2010, Project Kidz Kove is a not-for-profit organization in Ascension Parish, whose purpose is to raise funds to construct a playground for children of all abilities. The park will focus on additional equipment for children with physical or sensory developmental challenges with specialized equipment to facilitate their play experiences. Acreage for Kidz Kove Discovery Park was dedicated by the City of Gonzales, and once completed will be maintained by the City’s department of recreation.

Donations may be made to Project Kidz Kove at: P.O. Box 179, Brittany, LA 70718, or for more information, call (225) 921-0380.