Resident opinion: Religion in schools causes debate

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

I wanted to say thank you for publishing a letter pointing out the inclusion of prayers in Ascension Parish public schools. I understand I am in a minority here, but I agree with the writer that prayers should not be a part of any taxpayer-supported school function.

I wonder if others in this community feel the same way but are afraid of standing up to the majority. Sometimes it's just not worth "rocking the boat," so maybe those who are actually against it are simply keeping their mouths shut.

Just look at what happened when someone did voice their concern. A reply letter came in to shoot down the writer’s valid point. I must say that reply argument was a weak one. Of course, it is up to your readers to be the judge of that though. We were basically told that we who are against prayer in schools should shut up and deal with it.

Well, we don’t have to shut up and deal with this.

Yes, I understand many people here are Christians. But that doesn't mean every single person in this community is. I can certainly tell you that not everyone in the world is either. How sad is it that these supposed stellar schools are promoting Christianity as if it is the only religion out there? There are a great many different religions around the world. And this may come as a surprise, but there are also agnostics and atheists in the world. In fact, there are agnostics and atheists amongst you, right here in Ascension Parish.

So the next time you are at a school function and you’re asked to bow your head to pray, just remember that not everyone in attendance is necessarily okay with it.

Adam Simpson