Resident opinion: Not happy with Jindal’s progress

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

 In just a few short years Governor Jindal has under funded, killed or crippled just about everything good in Louisiana. At the same time he has raised millions of dollars to fund his personal political future, spending a majority of his time at out of state fundraising events.

Prior to Governor Jindal our legislature started and fully funded TOPS, telling high school students to study hard, and we would pay for their college education. Our leaders decided to make LSU its flagship university, and fully funded our university with research and teaching grants. Our university rose in national prominence, and business and industries followed and tax dollars rolled in.

Prior to Bobby Jindal we fully funded the LSU Health Care System, and improved the delivery system making it the envy of all other southern states. At the same time we educated more doctors, encouraged them to stay in Louisiana, and consider rural practices. Community hospitals across the state found the needed medical specialist and for the first time turned a profit.

Then we elect the boy genius who pledges to straighten things out. He quickly decides to sacrifice the long-term economic stability of Louisiana so he can show Washington and all those spend thrift Democrats, how conservative and presidential he really is.

Bobby has done for Louisiana what the recession, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and the Deepwater Horizon could not, that is bankrupt the state to where we have to sell the state prisons just to pay this years bills, but he found $850,000 to give the Governor's Mansion a Facelift?

Alan J. Robert