Our Opinion: We need to keep it clean, Ascension

Charlotte Guedry

Driving through Ascension is a comfort for the most part. Grasses tend to be neatly manicured. Flower beds are well cared for. Unsightly items are often placed in the backyards, not in plain sight for all to see.

Why then, do we have so much trouble with the sides of our roads?

We live in a beautiful, green and fertile parish. Living in the country affords us the opportunity to see the beauty of nature, even on our commutes to and from work.

Why then, are we not paying attention to our ditches and our culverts.

Recently, an excessive amount of trash has been spotted in these locations. Cups have casually been thrown to land there. Fast food bags and wrappers lay there, waiting to be retrieved. The problem, though, is that no one is retrieving them.

When we drive along our parish roads, we need to realize that they too are a part of all of us. Our ditches and culverts are a part of that road system. It’s all well and good to have our residences and businesses looking worthy of Better Homes and Gardens?magazine, but if we forget to take care of our roads, then we have a problem.

We need to stop throwing things out of car windows. We need to stop dumping items out at stop lights. We need to take more care in our surroundings.

Where we live is beautiful. On any given day, we can see some type of flower in bloom, egrets soaring through our numerous open spaces, and some of the lushest greenery for miles around.

Why then, are we allowing our extensive blacktops to turn into something similar to a local city dump?

Let’s all take more pride in?Ascension than that.

Let’s all allow visitors who ride through our parish to see exactly how much we care.

Let’s teach our children that littering this beautiful place we call home is wrong.

Until we can do that, Ascension will never know just how wonderful, or how truly beautiful, it can be.

Take time this week to pick up trash as you see it.

Ascension?Parish is the backyard of all of us who live here, and no one likes someone messing that up, now do they?