LHSAA Director's Column: Looking back on the 2010-11 high school athletic year

Kenny Henderson
Kenny Henderson, LHSAA Executive Director

As the school year concludes, Louisiana‘s high school seniors graduate and enter the next chapter of their lives and high school athletics wind down for the summer. The 2010-2011 school year was quite a remarkable year for the LHSAA, and the future promises to be even brighter.

I want to take a final opportunity to thank everyone who played a role, great or small, in LHSAA activities this school year.

At its core the LHSAA is more than just five letters, a building or a logo: it is the people who share a dedication to our mission to foster positive life development, sportsmanship and healthy competition for our young student-athletes.

This column was initially an experiment in expanding the LHSAA’s relationships with such people—the parents, fans and Louisiana communities who help nurture our student-athletes and make what we do a possibility. I can confidently and enthusiastically say that the experiment was a success on our end—we’ve received so much positive feedback and so many suggestions, testimonials and thoughtful insight that we hope to continue the column for another year.

I want to extend sincere thanks to our friends in the Louisiana media who have graciously worked with us to print these columns for the last 40 weeks by dedicating valuable space for myself and the Association to connect with you. We hope that we have provided them an intriguing and informational feature for their respective outlets and that the sacrifice of column space was worth their while.

Finally, thanks to you for reading. It has been a privilege to write to you on a weekly basis this school year, and I hope that we can continue to find new, effective methods of maintaining a communicative relationship with each of you.

Please stay in touch with us throughout the summer months leading into next school year. We will continue writing a column periodically during the summer, though not on a weekly basis. You can become a fan of ours on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (our handle is @LHSAA). There is much to look forward to during the 2011-2012 school year, including new programming and the release of a new, more interactive and informative LHSAA website, so stay tuned!

And please keep in mind that the LHSAA is always available to answer questions or concerns that you may have or to listen to your first-hand stories of exemplary sportsmanship, community involvement or stellar athletic achievements.

While game action on the playing field takes a break, rest assured the LHSAA staff and Executive Committee will continue to work tirelessly to improve the Association and to further its mission.