St. Amant Primary Students Raise funds for Project Kidz Kove

Staff reports

Students from St. Amant Primary engaged in fundraising activities, raising over $6,000 for Project Kidz Kove (PKK) recently! Several excited PKK Board members were on hand to receive the check from Principal Christie Crooks and students who raised at least $200 each. Earning a “Wave” plaque at the future Kidz Kove Discovery Park, these students met at the future site of the park last week. Questions were answered, and students were shown how their plaques would be displayed in the park after construction is completed.

Project Kidz Kove Board member Krystal Swain explained to the students how much these funds are needed and how much this will mean to children with disabilities to be able to play along side of them in this park. “These students will have a place in the park forever, for their outstanding efforts,” states Ms. Swain. “The school has also chosen PKK for their upcoming fall fundraiser, and will continue to support PKK through their efforts to see Kidz Kove Discovery Park become a reality. We cannot thank them enough.”

Established in 2010, Project Kidz Kove is a not-for-profit organization in Ascension Parish, whose purpose is to raise funds to construct a playground for children of all abilities. The park will focus on additional equipment for children with physical or sensory developmental challenges with specialized equipment to facilitate their play experiences. Acreage for Kidz Kove Discovery Park was dedicated by the City of Gonzales, and once completed will be maintained by the City’s department of recreation.