Our opinion: Wonders await at our local, Ascension Parish libraries

Charlotte Guedry

English author and politician Augustine Birrell once wrote, “An ordinary man can surround himself with two thousand books and thenceforward have at least one place in the world in which it is possible to be truly happy.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Reading a good book is a little like opening a present you’ve always wanted, or finding the excitement you’ve been waiting for.

Books can turn our minds into creative masterpieces. We can lose ourselves in a good book, and allow ourselves to enter, if only for a moment, an entirely different world,one that sometimes, is happier and easier than our every day existence.

Libraries are the perfect places to allow ourselves the experience of a good book.

In Ascension Parish, we are very fortunate in our public library system.

Books abound on the shelves.?There are films, historical documents, resource materials, and books, books and more books.

Our libraries are a treasure chest, just waiting to be opened and to allow the wonder of words to spill out.

Summer is upon us, and what better time than to become a member of our library system.

Children can continue their reading over the summer in a welcoming, safe environment.

Adults can catch up on that book they have been too busy to pick up.

Take advantage of our library service this summer. Go in and get a card; become a patron. Allow yourself to join the most prestigious of clubs, that of being a reader.

Better yet, it’s free.

Take advantage of what our libraries have to offer.

The everyday can be filled with stressful, tense situations. Work, as we all know, can sometimes seem to encompass our entire day.

So, this summer, make the time to read. Grab a library card, and before you know it, the days may seem just that little blt brighter.

You can go on adventures, rule foreign lands, have love affairs, and even win the World Series, all from your easy chair.

Most of all, though, you can take pleasure in a book. Sometimes, that’s all we need.