Sorrento votes decide in Longanecker’s favor

Charlotte Guedry
Wilson Longanecker Jr. seen casting his vote in the April 2 Mayor’s election in the Town of Sorrento.

After months of waiting, and debate, the Town of Sorrento has their mayor.

Wilson?Longanecker Jr. has officially held the title since the election results were announced late on?Saturday night.

Eight residents of the panama Rd. area of the town were allowed to cast their ballots, after Judge Alvin?Turner ruled in their favor early last month.

All eight voted, however, one vote was disallowed due to the vote not being notarized.

The voter, who works in South?Carolina, sent his vote into as an absentee ballot, but was unaware that it needed to be notarized or witnessed.

The five members of the Ascension Parish Board of Election Supervisors, who  oversaw the election results, deemed that the vote be ineligible for consideration.

The original Mayor;s election took place on April 2, and saw Longanecker beat his opponent, Sorrento Councilman Randy Anny, by eight votes. The tallied results were 195 to 187.

The election was called for to fill the seat left by former Mayor Blake LeBlanc.

Anny went on to contest the election, citing voter irregularities as the reason.

On April 18, the ruling was made that the eight people in the suit would be allowed to vote.

If the vote had been allowed from Saturday’s results, then the town would have had a run-off election, with both candidates tied at 195 votes a piece.

According to the Ascension parish Registrar of Voters Office, the notarization or witness signatures on an absentee ballot are necessary to confirm a voter’s identity.

Mayor Longanecker was unavailable for comment.

Councilman Anny has announced that he will be looking into the refused ballot entry to see if all information was made available to the registered voter.