Sorrento meetings stagnant

Charlotte Guedry

For many residents and officials in the Town of Sorrento, the expression uttered recently seems to be “enough’s enough.”

For the last six weeks, the town has had to cancel their Town Hall meetings due to the lack of council member attendance.

Without a majority, no quorum can be met, so no decisions can be made.

This has meant that the town has been at a standstill, with nothing being discussed for approval.

The council is made up of Milton “Needlenose”?Vicknair, Wilson?Longanecker Jr., Randy Anny, Marvin Martin and Lionel Melancon.

Both Vicknair and Anny have missed one meeting each due to  prior medical appointments. Martin and Melancon have also missed one meeting each due to work commitments. Longanecker has not been in attendance since the April 5 meeting, and when calls were made to him for reasons, they were unanswered.

According to the Louisiana Municipal Association, it is not unusual for councilmen in any town or city council to miss the occasional meetings, but  employees, however, feel that Longanecker’s repeated absences with no explanation are making the decision making process a difficult one.

Chief of the Sorrento Police Department Earl Theriot said that the residents and the employees have been tired of all the waiting.

“Nothing’s getting done,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. People are having to stay overtime to sit around and wait for something that never happens. When you are elected by the people to do a job, you need to do that job. There’s no excuse for this casual attitude and lack of responsibility.”