Industry helps our parish

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Industry is the basis of a productive community.

Without it, people in smaller, more rural areas, cannot always find employment, and small towns and cities can whittle away.

Fortunately for Ascension Parish, new and innovative businesses have been moving into the area, bringing with them a sense of economic relief.

Ascension is known for its sense of community. People not only know each other, but care for each other. They hope people are doing well, and worry when the tide’s turn and bring with them unfortunate times.

Recently, two major industries have moved into the area, both of them helping to create a stronger, more successful Ascension?Parish.

Nucor in St. James Parish has opened the doors for the skilled laborers of Ascension to put their talents to use. They can work close to home, which means the expendable income they have stays local.

Keeping money within the parish makes sense, as it showcases the need for yet again, more industry to follow.

Ormet announced on Monday, that their doors would once again open. They hope to be in operation by the end of the year, and have called out to workers, many of whom will have ties to the area.

Again, their dollars will help us to prosper on both community and parish levels.

New restaurants have opened, bringing choices to the people of Ascension.

The need to get into our cars and drive to parishes that neighbor us is no longer as strong as it once was. More is on offer locally.

Farmers markets are cropping up.

Locally grown goods and locally manufactured wares can only lead to a much higher need for these items.

The need for more items mean the need for more jobs.

For the most part, the Ascension?Parish community seems to be thriving.

Our children perform well in an above-average school system. Our workers are finding employment. Our friends and neighbors don’t seem as destitute as what the national average indicates for many other areas of America.

Let us all put our efforts into continuing along this path.

Ascension is our home, and by opening new avenues to enticing new business into the area, we will only continue to improve.