Two indicted in toddler’s death

Charlotte Guedry

Recently an incident occurred in our area that shocked and stunned most residents.

Jaylnn Muse was only two years old when she died while under the care of her godparents, Terrell Donahue and Shantell Watts Donahue, at their home in Wisteria Heights trailer park.

Donahue and Watts Donahue each had a different story to tell investigators, but it was ultimately their collaboration on Donahue repeatedly hitting the child that led to their arrests.

 Last week, an Ascension Parish Grand Jury found both Donahue and Watts Donahue guilty on one count of first degree murder for the death Muse, who died from severe brain damage and other injuries related to the incident. 

The child’s death has been ruled a homicide by the Ascension Parish Coroner’s Office.

Watts Donahue was also indicted on the charge of second degree cruelty to a juvenile.

 Both Donahue and Watts Donahue have had bond rights revoked on the first degree murder charges, although a $100,000 bond was set on Watts Donahue’s second degree cruelty charge.