Ascension Parish Sheriff releases flooding statement

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

"The Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office is receiving an increasing number of inquiries regarding Mississippi River flood stage levels and evacuation information.

Myself, Parish President Tommy Martinez and his Office of Emergency Preparedness staff, levee board

representatives, city officials etc. have met on numerous occasions to ensure that all agencies are on the same page regarding the parish's response to high river levels.

Other than some spot sand bagging on the West Bank levee around the Abend area, everything seems to be functloning well and the situation is as normal as it can be, considering the unprecedented river levels.

With the announced opening of the Morganza Spillway, Ascension Parish should feel a great deal more rellef given the effect the spillway opening will have on water volume and water level on the Mississippi River as it travels through Ascension.

With that said the levee system seems to be intact and all public agencies are working very closely together."

Sheriff Jeff Wiley