Budget Breakdown: City of Gonzales 2011 Recreation budget

Charlotte Guedry
The City of Gonzales City Hall Building on Irma Boulevard is a hub of city activity.


What it is

The annual 2011 budget set aside for the Recreation concerns of the City of Gonzales, including maintenance of the Civic Center, City Room, and T. Joe Gonzales Museum,  Christmas Tree Lighting, Senior Citizens Party, Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, Jambalaya Festival, Music in the Park, and March of Dimes events.

What it was last year


Total city budget


% of total budget


Total department budget $12,499,550

% of total dept. budget



The City of Gonzales Recreation?Department provides recreational opportunities to its citizens.?The department is responsible for the maintenance of all parks in the city, including playing fields and walking/jogging trails.


Mayor Barney?Arceneaux said, “The city of Gonzales strives to provide a wide array of recreational opportunities for its citizens and citizens of Ascension parish despite the fact that there is no tax revenue within the city dedicated to recreation. We feel our recreational facilities are competitive with those of other municipalities throughout the state, and i hope we can continue to provide areas where people can relax and play.”