Bullion Crossing agreement a go

Charlotte Guedry

A hot topic amongst Ascension Parish School Board members recently has been the land agreement extension in Bullion Crossing, along Airline Hwy. in Prairieville.

The issue has been a serious one for members, with approval being split in many cases.

On Tuesday night, in a 6-5 vote, the extension of the purchase agreement was approved.

School Board President Ed Price cast the deciding vote.

Members of the community have been outspoken in their reasons for not wanting the agreement to go through, with many citing low lying land, and location as a factor.

“It’s going to be so congested,” said Annie Davis, a resident of the area, “How are the school buses going to be able to maneuver that bit of Airline Hwy. It’s ridiculous.”

A.J. Nickens, a member of the school board, has been one of the many voices speaking out against the purchase. Along with the congestion of the area, he feels that the price is not worth it when taking the low lying land into account.

Approval for the agreement was mainly due to other members believing the land is a great location for residents of Prairieville, and will alleviate overcrowding in some area schools.

The new agreement includes water and power access, road work fees, and sewer maintenance.