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Charlotte Guedry
Choir member Blaize Rouyea was the lucky student picked to give Choral Director Bryan Bertucci a mohawk.

St.?Amant High School Choir Director Bryan Bertucci made a deal with his choir students that he may be living to regret.

The St. Amant High School Choral Program recently participated in the LMEA District IV Choir Festival.

Bertucci told his students that if both choirs made the highest possible scores at the festival, he would agree to sporting a new hairstyle for a week. That hairstyle turned out to be a  mohawk.

His choirs both received the highest possible marks, and true to his word, Bertucci allowed his locks to be shaved on Monday morning at the school.

“It is worth it because it helped to motivate the students to achieve their fullest potential,” said Bertucci.