Sticky situation resolved at Dutchtown Primary School

Kimberly Fortner
Students gather around as Dutchtown Primary School Principal Mary McMahan and teacher Andy Kling are taped to the wall with duct tape by students who participated in the school's fall fundraiser.

Dutchtown Primary School Principal Mary McMahan and Teacher Andy Kling were taped to a wall by students for the sake of fundraising, on Feb. 9.

The students participated in the school's most popular fundraiser in the fall of last year and sold catalog items such as gourmet goods. The efforts will benefit the school and funds are allotted for instructional and classroom materials.

For every $100 of merchandise sold, the kids received a piece of duct tape at the fundraiser's finale, which would hold their principal and a teacher of their choice to a wall in the school's corridor. The student's skills as miniature salesman were evident as boatloads of children received pieces of tape.

“It is a great way to get the kids motivated and to raise morale,” Assistant Principal Marsha Moses said of the fundraiser.

McMahan experienced this when she was covered in duct tape at last year's school fundraiser. This year, because she wanted some company, all students placed a vote for who they thought should go through the ordeal with their principal. Light-hearted Physical Education teacher Andy Kling was awarded the privilege.

Kling explained that he probably raked in more votes because, throughout the day, he sees about 200 students. He continued, “And they wanted to see how still they could make me.”

The day started off with excitement as the top 12 sellers, who had sales of at least 400, were escorted by Moses to Chuck E. Cheese. For their reward, they rode in a limo, dined on pizza and received coveted tokens to play games. Fourth-grader Brandon Bell, sold $700 dollars in goods for his school and was armed with seven pieces of duct tape.

Principal McMahan joked during the occasion, “I am feeling a little silly and restrained.”

When asked why he was going to use his tape on McMahan, student Derrick Whitfield said, “Because she's the best principal.”

Classmate Perry Taylor concurred and playfully added, “Yeah, she is the best principal and I'm her favorite student.”

Students Taylor Engler and Madison Murrell chose to tape Kling. Murrell recounted, “It was funny.”

Representative for #1 Fundraising, Lucy Higgins, works with schools and businesses in Ascension. She assisted the students with the fall fundraiser and dished out tape to the many high-selling participants. She reported that the taping incentive, “increased sales” and the student's laughter was “priceless.”

Dutchtown Primary adopted the famous slogan as Kling proclaimed, “We work hard and we play hard.”

When the tape rolls were exhausted, McMahan and Kling were literally stuck as all classes paraded by the duo to get a peek. Laughter and smiles abounded on this rainy afternoon because this was something they don't get to see everyday. The School Administrators definitely plan on making sure this fundraiser becomes an annual event.

In the end, Principal Mary McMahan and Andy Kling were sticky but the fundraiser was successful.

McMahan said, “I'm just glad the kids had fun. Life is so serious; you have to laugh.”