February through April is Louisiana ‘fire season’

Staff reports

Numerous local fire departments and Louisiana Department of Forestry wildland firefighting crews are currently responding to several wildfires across the state, Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said.

Strain said low humidity makes fire ignition very easy during the months of February through April. “The state is experiencing high fire danger conditions,” Strain said. “We’re in our normal ‘fire season’ and this is the time when we’ll have an above average chance of wildfire.

“Weather conditions during the next few months will be very conducive to the creation of wildland fires. Wooded areas are loaded with dry pine needles, leaf, and fallen timber debris, which readily fuels fires. It won’t take much to spark a fire right now.”

Strain urged Louisiana residents to use caution when burning outdoors.

“Do not leave an outdoor fire unattended,” Strain said. “Water hoses, charged fire hoses or other extinguishing tools should be handy and ready to use.

“Fires can escape control rather quickly under our current weather conditions. Check with you local fire control authorities before burning.”