Sorrento sewer problems continue mounting

Charlotte Guedry

It was sewer problem after sewer problem after sewer problem at Sorrento’s town meeting on Feb. 15.

Council members and Mayor Brenda Melancon discussed the problems, along with ways to move forward.

Councilmen Randy Anny and Lionel Melancon were outraged at the current state of disrepair of the system, and demanded that the issue be addressed and steps taken to get Sorrento’s sewer system working properly.

Anny stated that former work that had been carried out by CSRS had not been done to specifications.

“There’s no gravel in the manholes, and pipes need to be reshored,” he said. “This has meant things weren’t sealed properly, so we have water pouring into an already outdated system.”

Camera’s were recently placed in the sewer line, and a belly of water was found. This has led to disruptions in service, and serious complaints regarding the system.

If this weren’t bad enough for the system, Mayor Melancon also pointed out that former construction was done by going off of the roads servitude. Now, Sorrento is finding pipes that have stretched across lots, making for a restructuring of pipes if land is purchased for the building of new residences or commercial property.

Councilman Melancon also pointed out that the current water aerator pump is malfunctioning, leading to a buzzer alert going off at all hours of the day and night. Residents are being disturbed by the alarm.

He also mentioned that in the pond systems of Sorrento, only two out of their eight aerators are currently operable. “We’ve got pumps that are meant to have been 15 horsepower that are only 10 horsepower. Things are breaking all the time,” he said.

Councilmen Anny and Melancon invited two representatives from Wastewater Treatment of Louisiana in Geismar to the meeting, Clint Schexnaydre and Tom Pertuit. Both men have ties to Ascension, and have offered Sorrento their services to survey the current system and pass on their information to the council and to the town’s engineer, Jake Lambert.

“I’m from Ascension,” said Pertuit. “We’d like to offer to help you guys out for free, and then come up with a plan for improvements that will work with you financially.”

The offer was accepted, and plans are expected to be soon underway to get to the bottom of the issues surrounding Sorrento’s current sewer problems.