Burglary committed by ‘magazine salesman’

Staff reports
Nicholas Osgan

Two out of state residents who claimed to be selling magazines door-to-door were arrested on Thursday by deputies of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office after they committed a theft from a potential customer.

According to Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tony Bacala, Damina Beavers dropped Nicholas Osgan off at a residence on Bluff Rd in Prairieville where Osgan knocked on a door and was admitted into a home on the pretense of selling magazines.

According to one of the residents there, Osgan sold a $42 magazine subscription to another family member there and was then was caught taking items out of the refrigerator.  When caught, the resident demanded the return of the $42 and was commanded Osgan to leave the residence.  Almost immediately, the resident realized that Osgan had stolen an I-Phone.

Osgan was picked up by Beavers and the two drove away, but were followed by the resident who contacted the Sheriff’s Office.  According to Bacala, Osgan and Beavers were intercepted by a deputy in the area of I-10 and Hwy. 44.  When questioned Beavers admitted that she knew Osgan had stolen an I-Phone and that he had discarded it in some bushes near the residence.  Beavers also said that they intended to return later and get the I-Phone.  Deputies went to the location where the phone was reported to have been stashed and it was found.

Nicholas Osgan, 28, of Superior, Wisconsin was charged with Simple Burglary and Damiana Beavers, 19, of Matoo, Illinois were arrested and charged with Principal to Simple Burglary and Possession of Marijuana.

Both are being held in the Ascension Parish Jail.  Anyone who may have been a victim of Beavers and Osgan are urged to contact the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office at 621-4636.

Damina Beavers