What's going on here?

Charlotte Guedry
Highway Technologies repainted lines on Hwy. 30 on Saturday, Feb. 12. The mixture allows for a more reflective surface.

Workers with Highway Technologies were out on Hwy. 30 over the weekend, as they made improvements to the road.

Painting new, reflective striping will allow for drivers to have more visibility at night and in bad weather conditions.

“I came off of Interstate 10 one night, and noticed how bad the visibility was,” said La. Department of Transportation and Development Engineering Technician Aaron Ellis. “I went in to work, and mentioned it. Now Hwy. 30 is part of a massive project of improvements for drivers.”

According to Supervisor for Highway Technologies Roy DeLaughter, the special materials used will allow drivers to see more clearly along the highway.

“We’re striping with a new, reflective substance. It’s basically crystal beads that have been crushed and are put over plastic. It helps the lines stand out more,” he said.