Gonzales Garden Club sponsors ‘Cleanest City Contest’

Charlotte Guedry
Gonzales residents are being asked to help beautify the city, as it prepares to be named a winner in the ‘Cleanest City Contest.’

Being proud of where we live is an important aspect of community spirit. Ensuring our surroundings are clean and accessible can lead to people staying within the area.

With that in mind, the Gonzales Garden Club has announced they will be sponsoring Gonzales in its bid to win the ‘Cleanest City Contest.’

“The main aim in the ‘Cleanest City Contest’ is to instill civic pride in our citizens and to improve the appearance of the City of Gonzales,” said Chairman of the event Loretta Speligene.

“Our hope is that the residents and business owners will realize just what a great city we live in and take pride to keep our streets, parks, and sidewalks litter free, not just for this event, but every day.”

The population of Gonzales is on the rise, and along with new people in the area comes added responsibility on us all to look after the city.

“Community involvement is a necessity,” said Speligene. “Any organization, service club, school, or church group wishing to help is welcome to participate.”

Judging for our district will take place during the last week in March and the first week in April. State judging will take place during the first and second weeks in May, with the winners being announced shortly thereafter.

The goal for the Gonzales Garden Club is that there is a city-wide impression of cleanliness and attractiveness. Many other cities will be competing, so getting Gonzales spruced up is at the top of the club’s list.

Janet McCrory with the City of Gonzales Utility Department agrees that all residents need to come togeher to beautify the area.

“We want eveyone, on a city-wide basis, to clean up their yards and businesses and take pride in our city.”

Residents are urged to do their part and get Gonzales in tip top shape for judging.