My Shout: Just leave the kids out of it

Charlotte Guedry
Charlotte Guedry

It seems that everytime I look in my inbox, I’m finding new information pop up that I am not at all happy to read. I keep hoping, each and every day that I won’t see it, but there it is. It’s starting to become the norm in my line of work.

What I’m talking about are all of the meth labs that seem to be cropping up in this fair parish of ours. It really is getting out of hand. They’re in every section of this parish.

It’s not even the labs themselves that have got me down. I know there are drugs about, and I also know that the police forces and drug divisions in this parish are doing the best possible job they can to combat the problem. It’s a hard substance to be on top of. Drugs are and may always be a part of this society. It’s a shame, but there it is.

What really gets my goat, though, are the  people running these labs and their actions.

Let me explain. In my mind, there are two groups you don’t mess with: children and the elderly. They are taboo subjects. They are off limits. You don’t tell jokes about them, you don’t make fun of them, and you certainly don’t hurt them.

In nearly every press release I’m opening, I’m reading about some meth lab that’s been raided where there were children on the premises, whether that premises be a home, a trailer, or a shed.

What on earth is wrong with these people? It’s bad enough they are bringing this mess into my parish. It’s bad enough they think it’s perfectly acceptable to live relatively close to me and mix their batches of toxic mess. Now they want to endanger innocent kids in the process?

Now, I am not a violent person. Seriously, I don’t like any type of confrontation. During college I participated in my fair share of protests, but always, and I cannot stress this enough, always peacefully.

These vermin who place the lives of the children of this parish in danger make me want to react in a completely different manner than the one  I am accustomed to.

The image of finding these people, and getting five minutes alone in a room with them springs to mind more often than not. Oh the things I would do! What joy that would bring me.

How dare they expose these children to the smells of burning ammonia and propane and lye. The lasting effects of these toxins are detrimental.

Children deserve to live the lives of children. They deserve to play and laugh and sing and dance and run. They deserve their childhoods.

These ingrates, and yes, I said ingrates, are stealing from these kids. They are stealing their innocence, and their childhoods, and their futures. This, in my book, in inexcusable.

I can honestly say that I have disliked people in my past, but I don’t think I’ve ever hated anyone. Now, though, hatred is what I feel. Maybe it’s because to me, these ‘things’ are not people. These scum are not worthy of my compassion.

I know they’re going to keep doing what they do. Fine! If they want to mess themselves up, go right ahead. They’ll get no sympathy from me. But for goodness sake, just leave the kids out of it.