Last day to help St. Amant High School FFA

Charlotte Guedry

Today is the final day for voting to help the St.Amant High School FFA win a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant.

Agri-science teacher Mandy Delaune is urging people to get to their phones and computers to vote. “We’re close enough to be considered, but need to be even closer. Please keep voting,” she said.

They are currently holding 12th place, and they need to get to the number 10 spot to be considered for the grant win.

There are four convenient ways to vote, and the public may vote up to four times a day, one vote on each method listed below.

1) Text 104557 to 73774


3) Facebook application -

4) Get iphone/ipad/itouch or Android App

Voting continues today until midnight Eastern time, so that’s 11p.m. for us.

St. Amant’s kids need your help, so get voting!