Austin-Duffin speaks to East Ascension Rotarians

Staff reports
Pictured from left to right is East Ascension Rotary Club President Ken Firmin, Executive Director of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center’s C.A.R.E. Network Renea Austin-Duffin, and Rotarian Marian Walsworth of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

Renea Austin-Duffin, executive director of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center’s C.A.R.E. Network spoke to East Ascension Rotarians about the very important work that Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center does to help Ascension Parish Residents.  One fact that stood out to everyone in the room during Austin-Duffin’s presentation:  Compared to other States in our Nation, Louisiana is average in the total number of cancer cases.  However, Louisiana still has the most actual deaths from cancer compared to other States.  How can this be?  There are many reasons for this troubling statistic, including lack of access to care in rural areas, financial concerns, personal fear and many others that prevent early detection and treatment.  However, this information highlights the premium importance of cancer screening and education to help save lives of Louisiana citizens.  No stranger to using innovative ideas to prevent and fight cancer, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center’s C.A.R.E Network has created the only mobile medical clinic in the area (named “The Early Bird”) dedicated to providing FREE cancer screenings and patient education for Louisiana residents who might not otherwise have access to this life saving information.  For more information on FREE cancer screenings, and other services Mary Bird Perkins offers in Gonzales see: or call:  (225) 644-1205.