Murphy Painter subpoena dismissed; probe continues

Staff Report

Prosecutors will receive results of a probe by the Louisiana Inspector General into alleged misconduct by former Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Murphy Painter - but it’s not known when the information will be available.

During testimony Tuesday, Stephen Street testified before state District Judge Mike Caldwell that a completion date for the probe was not available, but that the probe conducted by his office and State Police is ongoing.

The hearing was held because State Police sought to have a subpoena by Painter seeking records of his use of the National Crime Information Center database thrown out of court.

Painter, a resident of Ascension Parish, is accused using the database to stalk a former employee of his office.

Caldwell dismissed Painter’s subpoena, ruling that Painter would be able to subpoena the records again by Feb. 28 if no criminal prosecution is brought against him by that time.