Ascension School Board reconfigures west side schools

Wade McIntyre

The parish School Board approved a reconfiguration of its schools on the west side of the Mississippi River during a regular meeting last week.

Donaldsonville High School will be reconfigured to accommodate grades nine through 12.

Lowery Intermediate School will accommodate grades six through eight.

Lowery Elementary will school grades three through five.

Donaldsonville Primary will be Pre-K through grade two.

The changes are to take effect beginning with the next school year.

Superintendent Patrice Pujol expressed confidence in the new configurations, based on current school system assessments.

“We’ve worked out the facility issues,” she said.

The system will be able to utilize some existing temporary classroom buildings by moving them from Donaldsonville High to Lowery Immediate, she said.

Board Member Catherine Davis, who represents District 1 on the west side said, “I think it will serve our children well.”

In another business matter, Pujol, responding to the heavy voter turnout at area schools used as voting sites for the Nov. 4 election, said schools have grown beyond the point where its tenable to have students at school when a major election takes place.

She recommended that when there is a Tuesday Federal election in the future, the school system adjust its calendar to keep school kids at home that day.

Pujol said it would be “more productive for voting and certainly for students.”

In other business, the board:

• Approved the appointment of Robin Anderson as principal of the new elementary school to open next year in Sorrento.

• Scheduled the Nov. 16 meeting at East Ascension High School.

• Discussed finding ways to continue funding the system truancy program now that funding by the state has been cut.