Sorrento to add recyclable dumpster

Mary-Glenn Smith

 Allied Waste representative Karla Swacker returned to the Sorrento Town Council meeting Tuesday to discuss costs and ideas for implementing a recycling program in the town, a follow-up to her presentation at the July 20 meeting.

Swacker presented three options for recycling to the council.

The first possibility is scaling back garbage pick up to one day a week. The other day other day would then be for recyclables that would be picked up in provided special containers.

This option would not change the price in the garbage bill, but would force residents to recycle.

The second option presented is to stay with the current twice a week garbage pick up and add a recycling day. This method would be optional for residents and would increase garbage bills between $2.50-$3 per home for those who chose to participate.

After hearing the pros and cons of the recycling options, councilmen decided to go with the third option, which is placing a centralized dumpster in town for residents to dispose of their recyclables.

The cost of the standard, front load 8-yard dumpster would be a  $75 per month increase to the town’s budget.

Jeff Michaels, owner of the newly-opened Champions Bistro in Sorrento, was present at the meeting and offered to sponsor the recycling dumpster for the town for $75 a month.

After hearing Michaels’ offer, councilman voted to have Allied Waste place a dumpster for recyclables in a centralized location in the town to be determined later.

According to Swacker, items that are recyclable include newspapers and their inserts, any kind of cardboard, junk mail, magazines, white paper, and plastic bottles.

For convenience of the residents, Swacker also noted that items did not have to be separated and all recyclable items can be mixed together in the dumpster.