City of Gonzales votes to hire city engineer

Mary-Glenn Smith

Council members voted unanimously last week to create a new engineering position with the city of Gonzales.

At last city council meeting on Aug. 27, councilmen briefly discussed the idea of the new position.

Councilman agreed to vote on it at the following meeting after City Clerk Clay Stafford presented a description of job responsibilities of the new position of chief engineer to the council.

Stafford also presented  pay plan for the chief engineer  and council approved a budget amendment to fund the position.

The chief engineer position will cost the city approximately $70,000 yearly in salary and related expenses.

Mayor Barney Arceneaux said by adding the new position, it will save the city money by eliminating costs of contracting engineering work out to an independent firm.

Arceneaux explained that since the beginning of the year, the city has already spent $40,000 and has several more projects lined up that will require similar engineering work.

 “The engineering position will complement the rest of our departments, and will pay for itself in construction management costs,” Councilman Kenneth Matassa said. “We need this position.”

The chief engineer will report to the Public Works Department.