Early voting beings Saturday for Aug. 28 closed party primary election

Staff Report

Early voting for the Aug. 28 1st Party Primary election begins in Ascension Parish Saturday, Aug. 14 and will continue on Monday, Aug. 16 thru Saturday, Aug.  21, Registrar of Voters Robert Poche said.

Anyone wishing to vote in this election may do so between the hours of 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.

This is a closed party election.

“We have a statewide US Senate race which includes the Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, and Republican Party,” Poche said.

“Both the Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party are open to unaffiliated voters who are registered as NONE or OTHER,” Poche said.

The Republican Party remains closed to only Republican voters.

Voters registered with either the Green or Reform Party are not eligible to vote in the Aug. 28 election.The law provides that unaffiliated voters may choose to vote in only ONE (1) recognized political party's primary election. (R.S. 18:401(A)(2)(a)(i)).

This means that they must choose to vote for the Libertarian candidate or the Democratic candidate and then be given the opportunity to vote on all races for that PARTY, Poche said.

Congressional District 3 will have a Republican Representative race on the ballot, which is closed to everyone except Republican voters. Only person registered as a Republicans, will be able to vote in this race.

Anyone needing additional information may come by the Gonzales Registrar of Voters office at 828 S Irma Blvd Room 205 or the Donaldsonville Registrar of Voters office at 300 Houmas St. in Donaldsonville.

Also, call the office in Gonzales at 225-621-5780 or the Donaldsonville office at 225-473-7906, for more information.

Voters may check their registration status and find further information on the Ascension Parish Registrar of Voters website at www.ascensionrov.com or the Secretary of State website at www.geauxvote.com