Kid millionaire would clean up Gulf oil spill

Mary-Glenn Smith
Brayden Carter of Prairieville toured the vault at E Federal Credit Union as part of his prize for winning the Millionaire for a Day Contest.

Nine-year old Brayden Carter of Prairieville became a real millionaire on Monday by winning the  E Federal Credit Union’s Millionaire for a Day Contest.

Carter was treated as a bona-fide millionaire. As his prize, he was presented with a check of $1 million and was allowed to the keep interest earned from a 24-hour deposit.

The newest parish millionaire said he if he really had a million dollars, he’d use to it to clean up the Gulf oil spill.

While at the check presentation ceremony, Carter and his mother, Kristi toured the E Federal Credit Union to learn how the bank operates on a day-to-day basis.

After the tour, Carter went to Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers in Prairieville for lunch with owner and real-life millionaire, Todd Graves, who gave him tips on becoming a millionaire.

Entrants in the 2nd annual Millionaire for a Day Essay Contest were asked to write and essay or draw a picture on the topic, “What I would do with a million dollars...”

Carter’s essay was selected as the winner out of several other entries.

He was chosen as the winner based on the development of theme, creativity, and communication of smart usage of money.

In Carter’s essay, he explained that would use a million dollars to help clean up the oil spill and try to save the animals that are dying along the coast as a result of it.

He would also buy a fishing camp for his family and would put the money left over into his savings account.